"procrastination is my perpetual state right now"

My name
is Aems

just know

I don't reply quickly to msgs, pings, notifs etc. (be patient)most of the time i'm studying or reading / school will come before anything else (ex. discord)i don't personally swear a lot
when i use/say "ily" it is strictly platonic!
music is my cure for everythingEnglish isn't my first language; French iscoffee > tea

if you're

lgbtqia+ phobic
disrespectful towards people's pronouns / identity
support “alm”
use slurs you cannot reclaim
disrespectful towards people's situations, feelings, outward appearance
cannot respect people's boundaries
going to use my dms to trauma dump (immediate block)

my friends <3

everyone that i am too lazy to list but ilysm and you're all the best

extra special thanks to Kimy for creating this caard! check out their by clicking here